International Researchers at UiB

Practicalities at UiB

Some registration formalities need to be taken care of during the first days after your arrival at UoB.

Access to the UiB's IT resources

New employees and guest researchers must fill in a web-based application form to apply for a user account in order to gain access to the University's IT resources. When applying, you need to do that on a machine on the University's network. You do this at SEBRA.

NB! Remember to save registration code and registration PIN. When the application is approved you will gain access to e-mail, the University network, the intranet and common areas on the net at your place of employment.

UiB is also in the eduroam network.

If you have any IT related problems or questions, take a look at the IT-help.

Access/employee card/library card

You need an access card to gain entry to many of the buildings at UoB. The administration at your unit can provide you with the application form and direct you to the card center (at the Student centre) for photo. Bring along your ID documents. The card is also your library card.

It is possible to get special card for visitors.

More information: http://www.uib.no/en/foremployees/81834/ordering-access-cards-and-access-employees

Keys to office

Each unit will have a member of staff who is responsible for issuing keys to new employees and guests. The administration at the department should help you if have problems with the key to your office.


On arrival your employer should provide you with a workplace with a pc and access to a telephone. The telephone may be restricted to national calls or no mobile calls. The administration at your unit is in charge of these restrictions, so if you have problems calling someone, you should talk to the administration about the accessibility.