International Researchers at UiB

International Researcher

Activities for International Researchers

Every month we try to organize activities targeting International Researchers and spouse/family.

The activity can be a seminar or a meeting with information in English like:

  • Every semester we organize a seminar called "Working with Norwegians" where the main topic is Norwegian culture. In the seminar we try to look at what is typical Norwegian, if Norwegians behave in a certain way, and through discussing it we may increase cultural awareness to bridge cultural gaps and to improve communication.
  • Once a year (March - April) the tax office in Bergen is coming to talk to researchers about the tax system and the tax return.
  • On irregular basis we have had information meetings on topics such as pension, child welfare, immigration etc.

Sometimes the activity is more relating to history and getting to know the region.

  • This can be a guided tour of some part of Bergen
  • A visit to a museum
  • Visiting a farm

And a few times we are fairly active:

  • Fishing trip
  • Skiing course
  • Hiking in the nearby mountains

In addition to the activity we organize ourselves, are also the activities organized by the INN Club of the Bergen Chamber of Commerce and Industry open for University employees and guests. The University have bought membership in the INN club for everyone working or visiting the UiB so participating is free.

We consider the INN Club to be a good supplement to the activities and information offered by the International Centre, and we recommend all international researchers to participate at the INN Club. It would make it easier to get to know people outside the university, and especially for accompanying spouse/partner can this be a good way to develop a network.