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On 5-7 September 2017, our Faculty hosted four researchers from the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski in Warsaw (UKSW). Strategically this visit is meeting the Faculty´s aims to be more visible in international projects in general, but in Horizon 2020 projects especially. The visit resulted in two lectures that are available online (se right hand... Read more
Franzi Walendczus from Germany certainly did not choose to study in Bergen because of the “good” weather. Despite of the weather though, she loves the city. “It was love at first sight” she says.
We are honoured and proud to congratulate our colleague Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui. Ignacio has been awarded the “2017 Concurrences PhD Award” for the best thesis of the year in competition/regulation law or economics.
The dean of Washington University School of Law, Nancy Staudt, is the main speaker at this year’s graduation at The Faculty of Law.
Global challenges facing society and the cooperation between UiB and China were key topics during the China Conference 4 May.
On 22 December 2016, The EFTA Court delivered its advisory opinion, clarifying what is understood to by restriction of competition by object and whether joint bidding may restriction competition by object as a type of price fixing. BECCLE’s Ignacio Herrera Anchustegui’s analysis of the advisory opinion is forthcoming in European Competition and Regulatory Law Review
Magnus Matningsdal’s retirement as professor at the Faculty of Law in 1989 marks the beginning of some 2000 additional hours he has spent at the lectern in Dragefjellet. Today, the Supreme Court Justice will be awarded honorary alumnus status at this year’s Christie Conference.
In March 2017, a delegation of twelve masters students, researchers and PhD candidates from the Faculty of Law, went to India to attend a workshop at National Law University Delhi (NLUD).
The Faculty of Law organised its International Day for the ninth time on 19 January. Here you can watch a short video from the event.
During the last year seven new candidates has joined our PhD programme in Law. Some of them started for some months ago, and some started this year.
Stephany Rasathurai and Lene Yvonne Kvilhaug are the first law students from Bergen to visit India as exchange students.
Esmeralda Colombo receives second place in the prestigious Professor William R. Ginsberg Memorial Essay Contest 2016 for her essay titled: ““Enforcing International Law in U.S. Courts: The Law of the Sea Convention at Play in Kivalina.”
The Faculty of Law has been allocated funds from the SIU for collaboration with Chinese universities for a further four years. Among other things this means new exchange opportunities for students.
Postdoctoral fellow Malgorzata Cyndecka won the European State Aid Quarterly’s award for best PhD dissertation since 2012 within the field of state aid law.
There are now four new professors at the faculty. Congratulations to Anneken Kari Sperr, Camilla Bernt, Anne Marie Frøseth and Christian Franklin!
Knut Martin Tande at the Faculty of Law bought some trainers and sped up the pace of digitalisation. Now he and the academic leadership of the faculty have received the Learning Environment Award for 2016.
Two new PhD fellows have started on the programme in Law: Siv Elén Årskog Vedvik and Guri Lindblad. Read about their projects here.
One of the world’s leading judicial scholars has joined the University of Bergen as a visiting professor.