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Magnus Matningsdal’s retirement as professor at the Faculty of Law in 1989 marks the beginning of some 2000 additional hours he has spent at the lectern in Dragefjellet. Today, the Supreme Court Justice will be awarded honorary alumnus status at this year’s Christie Conference.
Rector Dag Rune Olsen wishes all alumni a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year!
The Norwegian Parliament founded the University of Bergen in 1946. The event will be marked at the semester start ceremony.
The new design for the website is based on the University of Bergen's graphic profile. The visual changes will make the graphic identity on screen and in print more consistent.
The opening of the University hall on September 2 was one of the great occasions in the history of the University of Bergen.
Professor Noel Keenlyside has been awarded a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). He is the first University of Bergen researcher to be awarded this prestigious grant.
According to an international panel of experts, the development-related research and education at the University of Bergen is of an excellent international standard.
According to an international panel, marine research and education at the University of Bergen is excellent across a diverse range of disciplines. However, the panel points out that the organisation of the marine research could be improved.
A new 10 year frame agreement between Makerere University and the University of Bergen has been signed in Kampala.
What roles do diets and genetics play in the development of obesity and diabetes?
How is earth connected to space? That is one of the questions the researchers at the Birkeland Centre for Space Science are trying to answer.
Media City Bergen is a proposed media cluster that is to open in 2017. UiB’s contribution to the cluster is a centre for innovative journalism – the Bergen Journalism Lab.
Professors Randi and Gunnar Håland have added colour and spice to life and research at UiB, and have built relations that have put Bergen on the world map.
Traffic accidents are a huge burden on the health care system in Malawi. The University of Bergen (UiB) is a partner in a project to train more surgeons in Malawi.
Rector Dag Rune Olsen wants the University of Bergen (UiB) to be one of the leading universities in Europe.
Professor Christopher Henshilwood is already a holder of an advanced grant from the European Research Council. Now he has also been named as one of the most cited researchers in the world.
Professor Olivier De Schutter believes that social innovations may hold the key to change the global food system.
Both Japan and Norway are maritime nations with many shared interests. In early June 2014, marine researchers from Norway and Japan meet in Tokyo.