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Exploring photography in the history of the immigration to the USA

Welcome to workshop and conference about photography and migration in the USA!


Exploring Photography workshop
The workshop «Exploring Photography in the History of the Immigration to USA» will be held Tuesday 6 of March.

All interested are welcome!


09:00–09:15Introduction by Professor Sigrid Lien (UiB) and Dr. Justin Carville (IADT, Dublin).
09:15–10:00Key note: Professor Carol Williams, Department of History, University of Lethbridge, Canada: "Indigenizing Settler-Immigrant Studies."
10:15–10:45Dir. Bergen Maritime Museum, Dr. Per Kristian Sebak: On the use of photography in exploring Histories of Migration from Scandinavia and Russia.
11:15–11:45Dr. Yara Gil-Glazer, Tel-Hai Academic College Israel:  "We Weren't Jewish (We Were Concerned Photographers)": Second-Generation Jewish Migrants Document Black Lives in New York.
11:45–12:15Associate Professor Maria Gloria de Sa and Librarian Archivist Sonia Pacheco, University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, MA: Photography and Lusophony: Portuguese Immigrants in the U.S.
13:45–14:15Dr. Orla Fitzpatrick, National Museum of Ireland: Exchanging images: Irish-American photographic albums in the early twentieth century.
14:15–14:45Dr. Justin Carville, IADT, Dublin, Ireland: A Letter from Pat in America: Theorizing Photography and Irish Diaspora.
15:15–15:45Archivist Roger Kvarsvik: Using photography to tell the story about the Norwegian Presence in the Hooverville "Desert Sur", Brooklyn, NY.
15:45–16:15Professor Sigrid Lien: Pictures of Longing: Photography and the Norwegian History of Migration.
16:15–16:35Professor Peter Larsen: Final remarks

Organizers: The project “Photography as Contact Zones: Migration and Cultural Encounters in America”, managed by Dr. Justin Carville (Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dún Laoghaire, Dublin, in collaboration with professor Sigrid Lien, University of Bergen, Norway – and Bergens Sjøfartsmuseum (Bergen Maritime Museum).