Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

International Master's Degree Applicants Residing in Norway

International applicants residing in Norway and Nordic citizens, follow the same application procedures as Norwegian applicants.


Master student in the laboratory
Eivind Senneseth

Master programmes

Application deadline for spring term is 1 November.
Application deadline for autumn term is 15 April.

For the autumn term 2017 the following master's programmes are open for application (this applies only for applicants residing in Norway and citizens from  Nordic countries):

Select the programme(s) you wish to apply for. Please read the programme and course descriptions carefully and make sure you satisfy all the admission requirements before applying.

Any questions about a master's programme? You find contact information in the programme descriptions

For general questions about the application process: Contact the Information Center for Science Students,
phone 55 58 30 30 or advice@mnfa.uib.no

Admission requirements

  • Undergraduate/bachelor's degree from an accredited institution. Applicants must have obtained an undergraduate/bachelor's degree which is equivalent to a Norwegian bachelor’s degree. For more information see "General admission requirements for international applicants for master's degree programmes - country list"
  • Relevant academic background. The degree must include courses equalling at least 1 1/2 years of full-time studies in a subject relevant to that of the programme applied for.
  • Average grade of C. To qualify for admission, the applicant must have an average grade of C or higher (according to the Norwegian grading system) in the major of the Bachelor's degree.
    Please note that admission also depends on the number of qualified applicants to a limited number of places.
  • English language proficiency. A documented proficiency in English is required for admission.
  • Additional requirements. Please note that the different master's programmes also may have additional admission requirements. This also applies to English language requirements. See programme descriptions.

If there are more applicants for a programme than there are places, applicants will be ranked.

Please read the course descriptions carefully and make sure you satisfy all the admission requirements before applying.

How to apply

Applicants residing in Norway and with a Norwegian ID number apply online using Søknadsweb. If you do not have a Norwegian ID-number, you should contact your local tax office. You will find more information regarding application for Norwegian ID number on the web site of Norway.no

Citizens from other Nordic countries can apply in Søknadsweb without using a Norwegian ID number.

Application deadline for the spring term is 1 November (supplementary admission). Application deadline for the spring term is 15 April (main admission). Søknadsweb opens 1 October (for spring) / 1 February (for autumn).

  • Log in with your ID-number
  • Register contact information
  • Choose study programme / option. You can choose up to three study options in order of priority
  • Upload required documents

After applying on Søknadsweb you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please read the confirmation e-mail thoroughly, it contains information about further application and admission process. You can change the priority of your application options on Søknadsweb by the application deadline 1 November / 15 April.

How to upload documents

  • Scan your documents. This can be done on copiers at your institution, workplace or at a copy shop.
  • The documents have to be saved as PDF files before you can upload them to Søknadsweb
  • Give every document a title which identifies you as the applicant and which describes the content of the document, eg Joe_Bloggs_transcript.pdf

You must upload all the relevant documents within the deadline.

Please make sure that the scans of the documents you have uploaded are readable and of good quality. We do not accept faxed or e-mailed applications/documents /transcripts.


Required documentation

All the following documents have to be uploaded to Søknadsweb by the deadline:

  • Transcript of records (an official statement listing courses/subjects you have completed at your university, including credits and grades)
  • University degree certificate / diploma, all pages, included description of credit system, work load and grading scale
  • Programme description, syllabus, reading lists or curriculum of your bachelor’s degree programme.
  • Documentation of exam registrations for the current semester, if you are completing your degree within the current semester
  • Documentation of English language proficiency
  • Translations. If the original language of your documents is not English or a Scandinavian language, officially certified copies of the translation must be uploaded alongside the original documents.

The following documentation is not compulsory, but it will help us to consider your application:

  • Recognition letter from NOKUT
  • CV. Do you have any relevant courses or working experience in addition to your documented degree? Give a short description in a Curriculum vitae.

All students with education from other universities than the University of Bergen will be asked to present their original degree certificates, diplomas and transcripts when the programme starts.


Admission process and deadlines

1 October

Søknadsweb opens

1 November

Application deadline

1 November

Deadline for re-priorization

1 November

Deadline for uploading documentation

12 December

Reply to your application is published in Søknadsweb

20 December

Deadline for accepting an offer of admission in Søknadsweb