Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Mentor week at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

The students at the Faculty has prepared an enjoyable week for the new studentes arriving in August.

Fadderuken 2009

Fadderuken 2009

Program for the Mentor Week 2016

Monday 15 August

15:00Campus tour with the Sunshine Mentors
16:00Visit the VilVite (Science Centre)
19:00Get acquainted evning, the Mentor Board will make a quiz and arrange games
22:00The night continues at Tidi

Tuesday 16 August

14:00Welcoming ceremony in Nygårdsparken

Two options:

- Mystery tour

- Hiking with the Sunshine Mentors

22:00The night continues at Ovenpå

Wedensday 17 August


Two options:

- Bar to bar

- Naturviterne will make a fun program as an alternative for the bar to bar

22:00The nights ends at Bryggen Nightclub

Thursday 18 August

15:00Sports Day
20:00Movie night with pizza
22:00The night continues at Lille

Friday 19 August

18:00"Helhus" at Kvarteret (program will be published later)

Saturday 20 August


Two options:

- Tresure Hunt

- Hiking with BSI, together with other faculties