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Many proteins have the Golgi apparatus as their favorite hangout place. For N-terminal acetyltransferases (NATs), however, this is a rather unique characteristic as only one NAT, Naa60, was shown to localize to intracellular organelles. Naa60 and the means by which it associates with the Golgi membrane caught the interest of researchers at The Department of Molecular Biology who recently... Read more
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Receives grant for commercial development of potential novel drug candidates for Chronic Obstructive Pulmanory Disease treatment
In recent years, several sporadic cases of NAA10 mutations have been identified in patients with varying degrees of developmental delays. In the curremt issue of Human Mutation, Svein Isungset Støve, Marina Blenski and Thomas Arnesen from the NAT-group at the Department of Molecular Biology in collaboration with geneticists from Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United States discovered... Read more
Similarity in Shape Dictates Signature Intrinsic Dynamics Despite No Functional Conservation in TIM Barrel Enzymes
The Norwegian research council announced the "Toppforsk" grants 25. January. MBI researcher Thomas Arnesen got a 25 million NOK grant for his project «N-terminal acetylation as a key physiological regulation mechanism».