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Maria Paula Ramnefjell defended April 10th 2018 her doctoral thesis "Prognostic biomarkers and clinico-pathologic characteristics in non-small cell lung cancer. A study with special focus on tumor-vascular interactions" at the University of Bergen.
Thursday 12th of April Sunita Sharma defended her doctoral dissertation "Adenoviral Mediated Gene Delivery in Mesenchymal Stem Cells for Bone Tissue Engineering".
Women Deliver is committed to making their conferences accessible to people across all geographies, ages, and backgrounds.
Evaluating project proposals for Horizon 2020 will provide useful insight into EU's research policies and the evaluation process. UiB's Brussels Office can help you in creating a relevant expert profile.
The poorest families in Ethiopia cannot afford to bring their newborns to hospital, before it is too late. According to researcher Kristine Husøy Onarheim, free healthcare is the solution.
Director of Global Health Priorities Ole Frithjof Norheim was interviewed about Universal Health Coverage by the Journal of Health Systems & Reform.
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Researchers at the University of Florence had been looking for an new anti-cancer drug, when they realized the old rat poison called Vacor could be the answer to their searches
The CCBIO Director Lars A. Akslen was recently awarded as Honorary Member of the Norwegian Society of Pathology (DNP). Akslen has former been chairman of the association during two periods, 2008-2012.
How is life like on a sabbatical research stay abroad? We have asked CCBIO PI Donald Gullberg to give us some insight, currently on a year's research stay in San Francisco.
The research process can be arduous, but few projects are also beset by as many natural disasters as the Peanut butter - B12 study by CIH researcher, Tor Strand, and colleagues in Nepal.
According to researcher and doctor, Esperanza Diaz, Migrants are healthier than Norwegians in general. Norwegians may have something to learn from the migrants´ lifestyle.
We have just received the very sad news that Professor Jarle Rørvik unexpectedly passed away on March 1st 2018.
Inclusive Public Health Interventions is a national project funded by the Research Council of Norway. The project aims to develop new tools and evidence to support the field of public Health and interventions promoting physical activity in particular. The overall goal is not only to improve population health, but also to reduce health inequalities.
Professors from CIH and colleagues presented a workshop addressing most of the indicators from Sustainable Development Goal 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.
The project “Competence exchange Cambodia – Norway in child and adolescent mental health” has lasted 11 years every November with a 14 days visit to CCAMH (Center for Child and Adolescent Mental Health) in Phnom Penh from a Norwegian team . The 2017 group was Gunn Aadland, Marit Hafting and Krister Fjermestad. The topics were Newborn screening and clinical hands on supervision in therapeutic... Read more
These researchers have made a sensational finding in cell biology. Adrian Drazic, Henriette Aksnes and Michaël Marie from Thomas Arnesen's group found an enzyme that others have been looking for for 30 years.