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MAKE A PUBLIC STATEMENT FOR 28 SEPTEMBER! The women's movement internationally has celebrated 28 September as a day of action for the right to safe abortion since 1990. Join us this year.
We welcome Manuel Carrasco as new PhD at the KG Jebsen center for Diabetes Research
We welcome Laurence Hoareau as new postdoctor at the KG Jebsen center for Diabetes Research
UiB’s highest education prize for 2017, the Owl Prize, has been awarded to the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), “Occupational Health in Developing Countries”.
CIH researcher, Tehmina Mustafa, has developed a new robust, rapid, sensitive, and specific test for TB, implementable in low-resource settings!
The 2016 Global Burden of Disease Study has been published as a special edition in the Lancet, and in a accompanying podcast you can listen to professor Ole Frithjof Norheim discussing Ethiopia's path towards the SDGs.
The 20th International Conference of Ethiopian Studies (ICES2018) – “Regional and Global Ethiopia – Interconnections and Identities” will take place in Mekelle town, Tigray, Ethiopia on 1-5 October 2018. One of the panels is convened by researchers in the SAFEZT project.
NORBIS, supported by CCBIO, DLN and CBU, hosted the “Network Biology/Integromics Bioinformatics – Applications Towards Medicine” workshop at Grand Hotel Terminus in Bergen, August 23rd-25th 2017.
Using data gathered from 100 million Norwegian prescriptions, researchers at the University of Bergen have found that asthma medicine can halve a patient’s risk of developing Parkinson´s disease.
CCBIO with editors Lars A. Akslen and Randolph S. Watnick publishes a new book through Springer Publishing on August 31st. The title is Biomarkers of the Tumor Microenvironment - Basic Studies and Practical Applications. The book contains 22 chapters with more than 500 pages and multiple illustrations, with a general introduction to the topic (prologue) by Robert A. Weinberg. The foreword is... Read more
A warm welcome to Anny who will be a PhD student at the KG Jebsen Center for Diabetes Research.
Per Bakke is the new Dean of The Faculty of Medicine (MED). Learn more about him in this interview.
We are happy to welcome over 100 new international and master students for the study year 2017/2018.
Studies shows that a weight gain of more than one BMI-unit from first to second pregnancy increases the risk of getting gestational diabetes in the second pregnancy.