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Consolidator Grants from the European Research Council for excellent research projects.
Professor Jill Walker Rettberg studies how humans use technology and what it means to us as a culture.
In November and December visitors to the University Library will experience electronic literature and digital art created by Jason Nelson, the 2016/17 Fulbright Scholar in Digital Culture at UiB, and his partner, Alinta Krauth.
Scott Rettberg and collaborators' VR narrative Hearts and Minds is the 2016 winner of the Electronic Literature Organization's Robert Coover Award for a Work of Electronic Literature.
UiB's Scott Rettberg is to lead a major European project exploring the emerging field of electronic literature as a networked, creative community.
Letters dancing on the walls, computer-interpreted voices represented on the screen, projected haikus created from phrases in today's newspapers - these are just a few of the performances shown at our conference this November.
Blogging can help you to gain confidence, practice writing, and participate in networks of other learners. How can you help students to use blogs so that they also learn these things?
Myriam Danièle Coco, a member of the Digital Culture Research Group, successfully defended her PhD in March. The title of her dissertation is “Jeux de rôles virtuels et dévoilement des représentations. Une étude didactique dans une perspective innovatrice des pratiques dans l’enseignement du français langue étrangère.”