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Exams at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences


Here you will find general and practical information regarding exams at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Examination dates and locations

You will find dates and locations for your exams here. On this page you will also find suggestions regarding transport to the locations.

Please also find Practical information on the various locations UiB arrange written examinations.

Important information!

If you are ill on the day of the exam

If you get ill on the day of the exam, you have to deliver a medical certificate for the date of the exam within one week after the exam date. You can deliver a medical certificate at the Student Information Centre at the Science Building (Realfagbygget, Allegaten 41).

Examination results

Your examination results will be announced at the Studentweb. By using the Diploma Registry, you can collect your results from higher education in Norway and share them with potential employers, educational institutions and other relevant resipients. This service replaces transcripts of records from UiB. You can find more information on this page.

New assessment of grade

You may complain about your grade and ask for a new assessment of an examination (not oral exam results). The new grade can be both higher and lower than the original, and will be the final grade.

Before you hand in the appeal you are entitled to get an explanation of the given grade. The deadline for thisis one week after the results have been published.The examiner decides whether the explanation is given in written or oral form. The deadline for sending the appeal is three weeks after the results have been published, or three weeksafter you received the explanation.If the grade is published in the time period from 15 December – 2 January, the deadline starts running 2 January. If the grade is published in the time period 20 June – start of the autumn semester, the deadline starts running Monday the first week of the semester.

Appeal for new assesment of grade - form

You may also complain about formal mistakes with regard to the laws and regulations that regulate the exam. The deadline is three weeks after the exam. Please send the complaint to the faculty responsible for the exam.

Deadline for withdrawing from an exam

The deadline for withdrawing from an exsam is 14 days before the examination date. You can only sit for an exam in a course 3 times. If the registration is withdrawn at least 14 days before of the examination date, this will not count as an attempt.


You can bring a dictionary to written exams.

The dictionary
- must  be a general language dictionary (e.g. translation of words from German to English)
- must not be a technical dictionary, chemistry dictionary e.g.
- cannot be lexical (i.e. contain definitions or facts)
- must include translations to one of the following l languages:  English or one of the Scandinavian languages
- must not be an electronic dictionary

The books have to be handed in at the Information Centre in Realfagbygget (Allégaten 41), minimum one week (5 working days) before the exam.

Exam in English?

If you are attending courses which are not listed as taught in English, you need to apply in writing 1 month before the exam if you want to sit for your exam in English. The department decides whether the application will be granted or not.

There is no application form, please write a letter with your name, student number, the name of the course and that you wish to take the exam in English. Please send the application to the department responsible for the exam/course.

Examination support materials/Calculator

Examination support materials:

Permitted examination support materials is stated in the course description, and on the examination question paper.

If non-programmable calculators are permitted, this model is permitted:

Casio FX-82ES PLUS or Casio FX-82EX

from autumn semester 2016 only this calculator can be used on exams allowing non-programmable calculators.

For courses allowing all calculators the following rules apply:

The calculator

-          should not be able to send/receive information

-          may not be plugged into any electrical outlets.

-          must be noise free

-          it is not permitted to bring manuals, program descriptions, set programs or other extra equipment.

It is your responsibility to obtain a permitted calculator

Use or posession of not permitted examination support materials will be regarded as cheating.

Random checking of examination support materials during the exam may occur.


Special arrangements for exams

You will find an application form for special arrangements for exams on this page.

Fourth attempt

Application to resit an examination - fourth attempt

According to the supplementary regulations for examinations at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences a student can only sit 3 times for an exam in a specific course. This rule is valid from the autumn semester 2007. The application to resit an exam for the fourth time, can be submitted after three invalid attempts in a course. It is not possible to apply for a fourth attempt to improve grades.

The following guidelines apply for applications to resit examinations for the fourth time:
The application will be granted when the course is:
-    the last course needed to fulfil a specialization
-    the last course needed to fulfil the requirements for a degree
-    a course that is a prerequisite for obligatory courses in a degree

The application may be granted if:
-    documented illness that prevented the student from withdrawing from the exam
-    other weighty reasons

Application deadline: 1 September for the autumn semester. 1 February for the spring semester.
The applications will be processed continuously.