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New TAS volume: Exploring Text and Emotions

Book release: A new volume from the “Text, Action and Space (TAS)” project and research group was presented and published in Aarhus, Denmark on 21 February: EXPLORING TEXT AND EMOTIONS (ETE). Eds. Lars Sætre, Patrizia Lombardo, and Julien Zanetta. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 2014. 449 pp. (ISBN 978 87 7934 558 4).

The profile and research perspectives of the book, its contents and cover, an order form as well as a special-order form (ETE together with our previous publication Exploring Textual Action (ETA), 2010) are available below and in the uploaded materials.

Exploring Text and Emotions analyzes the creative dynamics and the individually and culturally formative impacts of the interaction of performative language, emotions and affects in modern prose fiction, drama, theatre, poetry, and film, as well as in Greek tragedy. It offers close readings of a series of literary and art works by seminal authors and artists, including William Hazlitt, Stendhal, Euripides, Yi Mun-Yol, Rian Malan, Joseph Conrad, Jon Fosse, Philippe Grandrieux, Sophocles, Pierre Alferi, Jean-Luc Godard, Charles Dickens, Elizabeth Gaskell, Herman Melville, Marcel Proust, Jean Rhys, Marguerite Duras, Rainer Maria Rilke, and Martin Crimp.

Exploring Text and Emotions links formal, aesthetic and cultural-studies approaches, and the volume combines the latest developments in the affective sciences with the close reading of texts, suggesting a new direction for the study of literature, arts, media, and culture, while at the same time fostering the further elaboration of congenial theory and its conceptual framework.

Contributors to this volume are Lars Sætre (N), Patrizia Lombardo (CH), Julien Zanetta (CH), Svend Erik Larsen (DK), J. Hillis Miller (USA), Jakob Ladegaard (DK), Boris Grkinic (A), Mads Anders Baggesgaard (DK), Randi Koppen (N), Anders M. Gullestad (N), Jorunn S. Gjerden (N), Tone Selboe (N), Ragnhild Evang Reinton (N), Anders Kristian Strand (N), and Mads Thygesen (DK).

The volume is dedicated to the memory of our dear colleague and friend, Professor of Comparative Literature, dr.philos. Atle Kittang (University of Bergen).

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