Outbound researchers


The following questions are important to consider when planning a mobility periode outside of Norway : Where will I go? For how long period will I be away? When should I leave? Should I bring my family? The information below might help you plan your stay.

Working contract

Your work contract at UiB can contain conditions regarding when in your contract periode you must conduct your resarch stay. Remember that your faculty might have deadlines for when to apply for economical support for research stay. 


Contact with host institution

Contact with host institution abroad is often established by direct contact with researchers within your own field of interest. You can also use Euraxess portal to find open positions. Supervisor or groups leaders can also recommend contact points. 


Letter of invitation

Letter of invitation is a letter describing intention of the resarch stay. This letter can be used as attachement to application to stipends and application to post doc. The letter of invitation can also be used to apply for a tax reduction in relation to a research stay in USA. 


Visa and passport

Application of visa to host contry can take time. Start the visa application as early as possible. Remeber that some countries require that your passport is valid a certain amount of time after return date. 

Health and Insurance

In some countries you will be asked for a health certificate. You can order this from your doctor. This has an extra cost. 

Check Norwegian institute of public health (fhi.no) for recommended vaccines for the area you are travelling to. Your host institution might have requirements in addition to the FHI recommendations. 


Helfo international

If you are staying outside EEA you will need to apply for a confirmation of right to medical help from HELFO. Ask HELFO whether you are eligible to this confirmation.


A normal travelers insurance does not normally cover periods abroad for more than 90 days. We therefore recommend that you buy additional insurance. There are several agencies that sell insurance for this purposes. We recommend AIG insurance through membership in ANSA also for employees. Remember that some activities are not covered by the regular insurance.

Note- if you are not eligable for a membership in the National Insurance (Folketrygden), you might not be eligable for insurance through AIG. 
Please contact AIG directily to see if you qualify. 

If you are using regular medicines prescribed by doctor in Norway, or medicines on “blå resept” (reimbursable prescription) - we recommend that you make arrangements with your doctor to bring enough medicine to last for the period you are away.
The insurance do not normally cover chronic illness and regular doctor’s appointment.

Important documents


  • Work agreement (with description of pay level). 
  • Marriage certificate  
  • Vaccination card
  • Birth certificate for children (Order certificate in English)

Are you travelling with children in kindergarten or school age, please remember to bring

  • Statement regarding level from school/kindergarten
  • Vaccination card


Subletting apartment in Norway

Make sure to check if your house insurance allows for subletting your house/apartment. Remember that any stipend you receive which are labelled for covering housing will become taxable if you sublet your apartment/housing in Norway during your mobility period.

UiB has an internal marked for subletting of apartment for incoming researchers. UiB.no. Please contact us if you do not have access to advertise on the internal marked. 

There are several commercial mini storage facilities in Bergen. UiB does not offer this service to its employees. 


Booking flight

Employees at UiB are strongly suggested to use Berg Hansen for business travels and Eurocard for paying tickets. Visit booking travels and credit card

Check list before take off

Update your information in pagaweb

  • Change of adress
  • Next of kin
  • Bank account number


Below is a list of examples of preparations you must take before leaving (the list is not exclusive):

  • Cancel suprciptions to magazines
  • Phone contract
  • Internet contract
  • Electricity
  • Yearly appointment at dentist/doctor
  • Gym
  • Kindergartens and after school activities (SFO)
  • School