Outbound researchers


Financial preparations


When you travel as an employee at UiB, you will keep your salary from UiB. The salary will be paid to the bank account number you have registered in pagaweb. You can change the bank account number to a foreign bank abroad. The salary is paid to you in NOK and you must cover the exchange fee. You can also add a temporally change of address in Pagaweb during the mobility period.

Stipend and scholarship

Link to stipend and bequests


Please, visit research administration site for more information regarding financial possiblities. (uib.no)

Tax treaty with USA

Norway has a tax treaty with USA. If you are taxable to Norway you can apply for tax reduction (article 15) for your income during your research stay. 


Benefits from NAV

If you receive salary from a Norwegian employer: 

Mobility period less than 183 days:

Barnetrygd in EEA land and outside EEA countries               

Foreldrepenger in EEA country and countries outside EEA


Mobility period more than 183 days

As described under preparations, the choice of departure will influence the benefits you may receive from NAV.

If your mobility period is during a school year (August- July), your mandatory membership in “Folketrygden” is sustained (nav.no). If your mobility period is a calendar year, we recommend that you apply for a voluntary membership in Folketrygden.


Normally, payment for “barnetrygden” will be cancelled if your mobility period is more than 183 days. By maintaining the voluntary membership, the rights to “foreldrepenger” will be intact.