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PhD Candidate
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HF-bygget, Sydnesplassen 7
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Postboks 7805
5020 Bergen
+47 55 58 82 88
+47 471 66 771
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Journal articles
  • Rinaldi, Andrea; Feldman, Matthew. 2015. ‘Penny-wise…’: Ezra Pound’s Posthumous Legacy to Fascism. Sanglap Journal of Literary and Cultural Inquiry.
  • Bouska, Alyssa; McKeithan, Timothy; Deffenbacher, Karen E.; Lachel, Cynthia M.; Wright, George W.; Iqbal, Javeed; Smith, Lynette M; Liu, Zhongfeng; Kucuk, Can; Bertoni, Francesco; Rinaldi, Andrea; Fitzgibbon, Jude; Fu, Kai; Weisenburger, Dennis D.; Greiner, Timothy C; Gascoyne, Randy D.; Rosenwald, Andreas; Campo, Elias; Rimsza, Lisa M.; Delabie, Jan; Jaffe, Elaine S.; Staudt, Louis M.; Chan, Wing-Chung. 2012. Genetic Abnormalities in Follicular Lymphoma and Transformed Follicular Lymphoma. Blood. 120. 2 pages.
Book sections
  • Rinaldi, Andrea. 2015. “TILL ARMAGEDDON, NO SHALAM, NO SHALOM.” Ezra Pound and the Consecration of Politics in the Italian Press During WWII. 15. In:
    • Tonning, Erik; Feldman, Matthew; Addyman, David. 2015. Modernism, Christianity and Apocalypse. Brill Academic Publishers. 407 pages. ISBN: 978-90-04-27826-4.
  • Feldman, Matthew; Rinaldi, Andrea. 2014. 'Penny-wise…': Ezra Pound's Posthumous Legacy to Fascism. 2. In:
    • Jackson, Paul; Shekhovtsov, Anton. 2014. The Post-War Anglo-American Far Right. A Special Relationship of Hate. Palgrave Pivot. 168 pages. ISBN: 9781137396198.
  • Rinaldi, Andrea. 2011. Economía y cultura en el fascismo radical de Ezra Pound. 3. In:
    • Gallego, Ferran; Morente, Francisco. 2011. Rebeldes y reaccionarios. Intelectuales, fascismo y derecha radical en Europa. ISBN: 9788415216148.

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