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Bjørn Johan Emil Burr Nyberg

Postdoctoral fellow, Basin Analysis and Sedimentology
  • E-mailBjorn.Nyberg@uib.no
  • Phone+47 485 02 408
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    Realfagbygget, Allègt. 41
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    5020 Bergen

My research interests look at the relationship between modern clastic depositional environments and the preserved sedimentary record. How analogous are modern systems to the rock record and what can the modern say about the governing processes and controls that have laid down sediment in the past?

In particular, I am interested in quantifying on a global scale, the processes and controls influencing sedimentation within modern sedimentary basins, which have preservation potential and are thereby analgous to preserved sedimentary environments. To understand the temporal, spatial, biological, chemical and anthropogenic influence on modern depositional environments in order to improve our application of modern analogs to build models of ancient depositional systems.

  • Global classification of modern source to sink systems
  • Anthropogenic influence on source to sink systems
  • Sedimentation rates of the Troll field
  • Global quantiative mapping of modern depositional environments