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Industrial Organization


Labor unions


Environmental economics

Development economics

International publications

"Non-Traded Goods, Globalisation and Union Influence", forthcoming in Economica (with Udo Kreickemeier).

"North-South technology transfer in unionised multinationals" Journal of Development Economics 99 (2012), 385-395 (with Kjell Erik Lommerud and Odd Rune Straume)

"Mergers and capital flight in unionised oligopolies: is there a scope for 'national champion' policy?" International Review of Economics and Finance 20(2) (2011), 325-341 (with Kjell Erik Lommerud and Odd Rune Straume) Pre-publication pdf.-version

"Permit markets, seller cartels and the impact of strategic buyers". The B.E. Journal of Economic Analysis & Policy 10 (1) Advances (2010) (with Odd Godal). Article

"Can deunionization lead to international outsourcing?" Journal of International Economics 77 (2009), 109-119 (with Kjell Erik Lommerud and Odd Rune Straume). Pre-publication pdf.-version 

"Outsourcing in contests". Public Choice 131 (2007), 315-331 (with Odd Rune Straume). Pre-publication pdf.-version 

"A union bashing model of inflation targeting". Scandinavian Journal of Economics 108 (2006), 419-432. Working paper version (with welfare) | Matlab files

"Globalisation and union opposition to technological change". Journal of International Economics 68 (2006), 1-23 (with Kjell Erik Lommerud and Odd Rune Straume). Pre-publication pdf.-version | Supplements

"Unionised oligopoly, trade liberalisation and location choice". Economic Journal 113 (2003), 782-801 (with Kjell Erik Lommerud and Lars Sørgard). Pre-publication pdf.-version | Supplement

"Unions and market integration in contests". Public Choice 112 (2002), 293-304. Pre-publication pdf.-version | Supplement 


Work in progress

"Product and Labor Market Deregulation in Unionized Oligopoly with Asymmetric Countries" (with Hartmut Egger)

"Open sector wage leadership" (with Inger S. Ervik and Kjell Erik Lommerud)


Publications in national current research information system (CRIStin)