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Hans J. Skaug

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    Realfagbygget, Allegaten 41, 4 etg. sør.
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Biostatistics and computational statistics

I am interested in applications of statistics and probability to biology, especially to marine ecology. I have developed methods for line transect surveys and population genetics, close-kin methods in particular. A second field of research is computational statistics. My conjecture about the future is that a combination of the Laplace approximation and Automatic Differentiation (AD) will enable the statistician to build and fit (almost) all the latent variable models he/she would like.

I have been contributing to the following software projects that both use AD and Laplace approximation:


Spring 2015: STAT211 Time series

Fall     2014: STAT101 Elementary statistics

Spring 2014: STAT202 Biostatistics

Fall     2013: STAT101 Elementary statistics

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