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Tomas Salem

Research Assistant
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Tomas Salem holds a Master degree in Social Anthropology from the University of Bergen, and a Master degree in Samfunnssikkerhet [Societal Safety/Security] from the University of Tromsø. He has studied Rio de Janeiro's Military Police, and the process of reforming the police ahead of the 2016 Olympics. His main research interests are state formation, violence, and masculinity, and in his research he draws on perspectives from critical security studies and gender studies.

Tomas Salem is responsible for the communication and events at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research (SKOK), and is part of the administrative staff at SKOK.

2018 Kjønnsperspektiv i forskningen. Presentation at the Department of Geography, UoB, 8th mars.

2018 How to integrate gender perspectives in research towards the SDGs. Presentation at workshop on Critical approaches to gender, sustainability and futurity, at the SDG 2018 Conference in Bergen, 9th February.

2018 Scale and police reform in Rio de Janeiro. Paper presented at workshop Gendered and Racialized Urban Transformations in Security Politics. Centre for Women’s and Gender Research, Bergen, 24th January.

2018 Emergent police states and necropolitics in the Olympic city. Paper presented at workshop The Olympic City: Politics, Processes, Transformations. Co-organizer of international workshop with Margit Ystanes. University of Bergen, 23rd January.

2018 The Olympic City: Politics, Processes, Transformations. Co-organizer of international workshop with Margit Ystanes, Erika Robb Larkins, Sebastian Saborio, Einar Braathen, and Dennis Pauschinger. University of Bergen, 23rd January.

2018 From Armed Peace to Urban War: The Failure of Rio’s Pacification Project. Breakfast forum at Bergen Resource Centre in collaboration with Margit Ystanes and Sebastian Saborio. Bergen, 23rd January.

2018 SKOK-debatten 2018: #MeTooAkademia. Co-moderator at public debate on sexual harassment in academia. With Mari Korsbrekke, Sophia Efstathiou, Dag Rune Olsen, Helge Holgersen and Christine M. Jacobsen. Litteraturhuset i Bergen 18th January.

2017 Night Snack with SAIH: Olympic Evictions in Rio de Janeiro. Q&A with Margit Ystanes at public screening of Dirty Games: Olympic Evictions in Rio by Janeiro José Alejandro Huidobro Goya and Margit Ystanes. Kvarteret, Bergen 15. november.

2017 Dirty Games: Olympic Evictions in Rio de Janeiro. Panel participant in debate with Margit Ystanes, José Alejandro Huidobro Goya, and Christopher Gaffney. Saná Café, Bergen 7th September.

Fall 2017: Seminar-leader in KVIK 102: Equality and diversity at the Centre for Women's and Gender Research, UoB.

Journal articles and online contents:

2017 Diplomats or Warriors? The Failure of Rio's Pacification Project. NACLA Report on the Americas, 49(3), 298-302.

2017 The guerrilleros of the State: Pacification, Violence, Policing, and Predatory forms of Accumulation. Report, "Egalitarianism: Forms, Processes, Comparisons", Univerisity of Bergen.

2016 Avsetjinga bør fordømmast. Kronikk, Klassekampen, 3. September 2016.

2015 Seven months of war in the favelas. Report, CMI Fieldnotes, Chr. Michelsens Institutt, Bergen.

2015 Policing the favelas: Reform, Rank, and Resistance. Report, CMI Fieldnotes, Chr. Michelsens Institutt, Bergen.


2016 Security and Policing in Rio de Janeiro: An ethnography of the Pacifying Police Units. M.A. thesis, Department of engeneering and security, University of Tromsø.

2016 Taming the War Machine: Police, Pacification, and Power in Rio de Janeiro. M.A. thesis, Department of Anthropology, University of Bergen.