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Linguistics and language technology

Victoria Rosén received her doctoral degree from the University of Bergen in 1998.  In her dissertation Topics and Empty Pronouns in Vietnamese she investigated grammatical and pragmatic aspects of topic constructions and empty pronouns in Vietnamese and provided LFG analyses of these phenomena on the levels of constituent structure, functional structure, semantic structure and discourse structure.  For over ten years she has participated in the Parallel Grammar Project, an international cooperative effort to develop parallel LFG grammars for many languages.

From 1998 she was employed as researcher in several projects for developing language resources and language technology for Norwegian.  These include: SCARRIE (on automatic proofreading for Scandinavian languages), NorGram (on developing a large-scale computational LFG grammar for Norwegian), LOGON (on Norwegian-English machine translation), and TREPIL (on developing resources for LFG treebanking).

From 2006 she has been Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Bergen.  In 2009 she led XPAR, a pilot project on language diversity and parallel treebanking.  She is currently leading INESS, an infrastructure project for treebanking funded by the Research Council of Norway (MNOK 19) and the University of Bergen (MNOK 4) for the period 2010-2015. 

She is the leader of the Research School in Linguistics and Philology at the University of Bergen.  She represents the University of Bergen on the advisory board for the Norwegian Language Technology Resource Collection that is being built up by the National Library of Norway.

Current projects

Leader of the INESS project

Participant in ParGram