The University of Bergen is a research university with PhD programmes within the humanities, law, mathematics and natural sciences, medicine and dentistry, psychology, and social sciences. We have an international profile and offer opportunities to conduct both traditional and cross-disciplinary research as a part of the training for a PhD. 

Deputy Rector Anne Lise Fimreite wishes you welcome to The University of Bergen

Doctoral education at:

The Faculty of Humanities                                           The Faculty of Medisin and Dentistry

The Faculty of Law                                                     The Faculty of Psycology 

The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences         The Faculty of Social Sciences

Bergen Summer Research School


Academic institutions are the backbones of society, providing knowledge and educating young people. Global development challenges affect us all. The Bergen academic milieu is committed to rethink the implications of Norway’s position in the world today, emphasizing themes and research that our institutions are already engaged with.