LINGCLIM - Linguistic Representations of Climate Change Discourse and Their Individual and Collective Interpretations


To what extent and in what way does language matter in climate change representations and interpretations?

The primary objective is to generate new and integrated knowledge about the role of language in climate discourse through developing an innovative multidisciplinary methodology including an opinion survey and a psychological experiment in addition to comprehensive linguistic and discursive analyses.

Head of project: Professor Kjersti Fløttum


Talking about climate

The film "Når vi snakker om klima" (Talking about climate) is produced by 1001 Films for the LINGCLIM project (English subtitles).


Conference presentations - "The Human Side of Climate Change" - Oct2015

The LINGCLIM project arranged a multidisciplinary conference on climate change in Bergen.


What you think about when you hear the words climate change

Using a new method, researchers in Bergen discovered that so-called climate sceptics are more ambivalent about climate issues than previously assumed. Their results have now been published in Nature Climate Change.


 2015.10.16-17 "The Human Side of Climate Change" - LINGCLIM conference

2015.02.01 Endre Tvinnereim and Kjersti Fløttum published in Nature Climate Change

2014.09.20-21 LINGCLIM a part of National Science fair in several Norwegian cities

2014.05.16-17 LINGCLIM hosted the PhD seminar: Climate exchanges: Language, Media and Politics in Paris

2014.04.25 LINGCLIM participated on the Christie Conference with a exhibition of project activities

2014.02.04 Climate Gathering with high school pupils arranged by LINGCLIM

2013.11.11 Norwegian Citizen Panel

2013.10.31 Desire for climate consensus impedes action- Professor Mike Hulme

2013.10.25 Kjersti Fløttum named Honoary Doctor at Uppsala University

2014.04.02 Presentation of results from LINGCLIMs school surveys


Financed by SAMKUL-programme, Research Council of Norway