Faculty of Psychology

Financial support for research stays abroad

The Faculty of Psychology would like to encourage its young researchers to go on extended research stays abroad.

The Faculty of Psychology would like to encourage its young researchers to go on extended research stays abroad, and to support their ambitions for establishing and fostering international research networks that help to strengthen their academic competitiveness.

OPEN-ENDED 2017: There are remaining funds after the main round of applications, and we would like to invite PhD candidates and Postdocs to submit applications until the end of the year. We will continue to process applications until the funds have been used up.

MAIN APPLICATION DEADLINE 2018 (tentative): 1 February.

Who can apply?

PhD candidates and Postdocs (Norwegian stillingskategori Postdoktor) employed by the Faculty of Psychology.

Where can you conduct your research stay?

Every country, except Norway. The foreign host institution must be a recognized research institution.

Purpose of the research stay

The main purpose of the funding scheme is to support the applicant in building and maintaining his/her international research network(s) and to give him/her the opportunity to develop new scientific skills. It is therefore a prerequisite that the applicant actively participates in the collaborative research work at the foreign institution. Traveling to conferences, meetings, workshops etc. will not be prioritized.

Duration of the research stay

Research stays need to have a duration of at least 4 consecutive weeks. Research stays of less than 1 month (4 consecutive weeks) will not be granted. Research stays lasting longer than 6 months must be specifically justified. It is possible to include several stays within the same project.

Earliest possible start/travel date

open-ended deadline in 2017: at least 4 weeks after the application has been sent to the faculty

from 2018 on: 1 March (of the current year)

Latest possible start/travel date

31 January (in the year after the application deadline)

(open-ended deadline 2017: 31 January 2018; tentative deadline 1 February 2018: 31 January 2019)

What can be funded?

The funding scheme is meant to cover (part of the) initial and additional expenditures in connection with research stays abroad. The costs are shared by the faculty and the institute the applicant is employed at. The contribution is based on fixed rates:

       Kr 16 000 (single)/ 31 000 (family) per month

A family is defined as a PhD candidate/Postdoc accompanied by a spouse, common-law partner or registered partner and any children.

The funds can be used to cover:

  • documented costs of settling in abroad and associated extra costs incurred in connection with the research stay
  • travel costs (cheapest mode of travel)
  • documented tuition costs for PhD candidates when taking part in programs at universities outside Norway

How do you apply?

All documents, compiled into one pdf, are to be submitted via email to Stefanie.Meyer@uib.no. The application is complete when it contains the following:

  • filled out application scheme (template can be found below under “Attachments”)
  • project description (max 2 pages including references; A4 with 2 cm margins, single spacing, Times New Roman, font size 11 pt for the main text and font size 9 pt for references and pictures)
  • CV for the applicant (max 2 pages; follow formal instructions for the project description)
  • recommendation from the applicant’s institute/project leader
  • invitation from the foreign research institution

Evaluation process

The faculty’s Research Section checks the formal criteria. Applications that do not meet the requirements are invalid and will not be forwarded to the evaluation committee. The applicant will be informed about this by the Research Section. If you have not received an e-mail within 4 days after the deadline, please contact Stefanie Meyer.

The applications are reviewed by a scientific committee. The ranking of the applications is based on the following criteria: the project's academic quality, the project's suitability in relation to the purpose of the funding scheme, the opportunity to establish or expand collaboration with outstanding and innovative research groups, knowledge gain / new scientific skills, the opportunity to apply new research methodology beyond what the Faculty of Psychology can offer, quality of the foreign host institution/research group, and the faculty's research strategy. Applicants who cannot cover the costs through funding from other external or internal sources will be prioritized.

The committee sends its recommendation to the Research Section. The Prodean/FFU (Faculty Committee for Research and Research Training) allocates funding based on the committee's evaluation and the amount of available funds.

The Research Section informs the applicant and his/her research group/institute about the result (via email).

After you have been allocated funds

The faculty’s Financial Department will send the official award letter to the applicant.


No later than one month after the end of the research stay, PhD candidates and Postdocs need to send a final report to Stefanie.Meyer@uib.no. Please use the respective template (see below under “Attachments”). The reports must be approved by the FFU (Faculty Committee for Research and Research Training), and approval of the report is a prerequisite for granting future funds.

ECTS (PhD candidates)

PhD candidates can apply for ECTS credits after the research stay. Follow this link to find out more about the compulsory training component and how research stays at other institutions are credited.

Other aspects

The candidate him/herself must plan the research stay and ensure that he/she has all the necessary documents, vaccines, accommodation, etc. The candidates should also pursue other funding opportunities.