Faculty of Psychology


Admission to the Faculty of Psychology

At the Faculty of Psychology we are happy to welcome students from all over the world. We offer various courses and master's programmes.

Important information about admission to our International Master Programmes

The Faculty of Psychology will no longer admit students to Master of Philosophy in Gender and Development in autumn 2015, and Master of Philosophy in Health Promotion in autumn 2016. These programmes will no longer be offered.


This will not have any consequences for the students already enrolled in the programmes.  


The Faculty of Psychology plans to establish a new master programme at the Department of Health Promotion and Development starting in 2016.  This programme will be offered in English for Norwegian and international students. Information will be available on our website before the application deadline.


Admission of exchange students

International students can apply as exchange students if they are nominated by their home universities for a period of study abroad (1 or 2 semesters).

Students apply online for admission to various short term exchange programmes.


Admission of applicants for master's programmes

Degree seeking international students residing abroad can apply for admission to master programmes taught in English by following the application procedures for either self-financing students or the quota scheme.

Applicants residing in Norway must apply for admission to the master's programmes directly to the Faculty of Psychology.