Norwegian Centres of Excellence

Norwegian Centres of Excellence (CoE)

The Research Council of Norway initiated a scheme entitled "Centres of Excellence (CoE)", with the purpose to bring scientists and research groups in Norway up to acknowledged international standards. 

The CoEs, which are devoted to perform basic, cutting-edge research, are coordinated by Norway's top universities as well as independent research institutes.

At present the UiB has 5 centres running, as follows (start-end year in parenthesis):

  1. Center for Geobiology (2008-2017)
  2. Birkeland Center for Space Science (2013-2022)
  3. Center for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health (2013-2022)
  4. Center for Cancer markers (2013-2022)
  5. Centre for Early Sapiens Behaviour (2017-2026)

Below you will find the links to the centres homepages

UiB is also partner in a CoE coordinated by UiO: The Norwegian Centre for research on mental illnesses -NORMENT

In the period 2003-2013  UiB coordinated the following centres: Bjerknes centre for climate research, Center for integrated petroleum research and the Centre for Medieval Studies.

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