UiB Research Groups

Alphabetical overview of all UiBs research groups.


Science education and outreach

Section at Deaconess Home Hospital Haraldsplass

Section for Cardiology

Section for Dermatovenerology

Section for Endocrinology

Section for Gastroenterology

Section for Haematology

Section for Infectious Diseases

Section for Medical Biochemistry

Section for Nephrology

Section for Oncology

Section for Pharmacology

Section for Rheumatology

Section for Thoracic Medicine

Small scale oceanography

Social Insurance and labour economics

Society and Linguistic Change

Society and Workplace Diversity Research Group

Space physics

Structural Geology

Subatomic physics

System Dynamics

Text, Action and Space

Text, Discourse and Communication

Text, Discourse and Communication

The Bergen Group for Treatment Research

The Bergen Relational Theory and Psychotherapy Research Group

The Borders of Europe

The Caribbean: Identity and Conflict

The Digital Culture Research Group

The Forensic Research Group

The Media, ICT and Cultural Policy Research Group

The modelling group

The Rhetoric Group

The Translational Signaling Group

Theoretical physics, energy physics and process technology


Tort, insurance and social security law

Translational Cancer Research

Trauma Psychology Research Group

Unit for inorganic chemistry, nano structures and modeling

Unit for organic -, biophysical - and pharmaceutical chemistry

Unit for physical -, petroleum - and process chemistry

Vertebrate evolution and development

Visual Culture

Visual Studies


Welfare and Democracy

Welfare, Life course and Inequality

Work, Knowledge, Economy and Education