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Week 21

25. May — today (0)

There are no events on this day

Week 24

12. June (1)

Breaking BAD: Understanding Backlash Against Democrcay (Lecture)

13. June (2)

Migration, language and workplace interaction (Guest lecture)
Water Management, Development Trajectories and the Modern World (Lecture)

14. June (1)

Between “Victims” and “Criminals” (Guest lecture)

15. June (1)

Legal geographies at land and sea: island as border (Guest lecture)

Week 25

19. June (1)

Sustainability Science: The state of the field (Guest lecture)

21. June (2)

Improving health and reducing poverty (Lecture)
Understanding behavior to understand development (Lecture)

Week 34

21. August (1)

EADI Nordic Conference at UiB (Conference)
Starts - Event ends at 23.08.2017

23. August (1)

EADI Nordic Conference at UiB (Conference)