Ancient Philosophy

The aim of the group is to promote research in ancient philosophy.

The ancient philosophy group wishes to be joined by master's students, PhD candidates, teaching assistants and members of the academic staff who intend to work on the period from Thales to Augustine. The group as such has no special preferences concerning philosophical approaches.

The Bergen Ancient Philosophy Group is an active research group at the University of Bergen's Department of Philosophy. The group holds regular reading groups and seminar sessions, as well as arranging conferences and similar events.

The upcoming conference “Democracy and its Rivals: Political Thinking in and around Plato” (24-25 May, 2018), will focus on the Statesman and Laws. The group’s previous conference was "Paideia, Power, and Persuasion" (2017).

The Department of Philosophy also houses DICTUM , an EU funded project on Plato’s dialectic, carried out in cooperation with the Bergen Ancient Philosophy Group.

The group is headed by Professor Hallvard Fossheim.

Ancient Philosophy

Democracy and Its Rivals: Plato's Statesman and Laws

Bergen Ancient Philosophy Symposium 2018


Grounding Rhetoric in Dialectic: On collection and division in Plato’s Phaedrus

What is the nature of dialectic in Plato? In this presentation postdoc Kristian Larsen will approach the question by concentrating on the Phaedrus.

Method in antiquity

The Greek Concept of Method: The ethical and metaphysical origins of method in Hesiod, Parmenides and beyond

In this presentation Jakob Leth Fink (University of Gothenburg) will focus on the terminology relevant for the discussion of method in ancient philosophical and scientific texts.


Paideia, Power and Persuasion: Political Thinking in and around Plato

This year’s Ancient Philosophy symposium was dedicated to investigations of political thinking and practice related to Plato. Keynote speaker was Professor Ryan Balot, a highly esteemed scholar who is well-known for his work on Ancient political theory.

Academic staff

Hallvard Fossheim

Kristin Sampson


Postdoctoral fellows

Kristian Larsen 


PhD candidates

Gro Rørstadbotten