Research Group The Bergen Shakespeare and Drama Network

PhD seminar

Visual Forms in the Age of Shakespeare

This short residential course brings together some leading figures in the discussion of visual forms of the period (see below), both to discuss the major genres with which the plays and poems might be said to interact and to offer their own guidance to doctoral students working in the field.



Increasingly, critical readings of the plays and poems have explored their location within, around and in debate with visual structures of their age. Discussions of structure, imagery, character construction and direct allusion have become frequent, and the major editions of the plays now often include images from the period as part of their introductions. Finding a balance between the use of such forms as adjuncts to critical and theoretical analysis and preserving their own identities is a major, yet often unstated, issue in thinking of this kind.

The main bulk of the meeting will be given over to the close discussion of short pieces – parts of chapters, overall thesis summaries, statements of critical positions, or other kinds of writing on the topic. In this way, the meeting will operate as a genuine exchange of ideas as well as a means of offering advice and comment for work currently being produced.

The seminar is a joint effort by the research group Bergen Shakespeare and Drama Network at the University of Bergen and the Early Modern Research Group at the University of Agder.

Doctoral students from Italy, India, Uganda, New Zealand and Norway will be attending the seminar.


Keynote Speakers: 

  • Professor John Astington, University of Toronto: Tapestries and Popular Prints
  • Professor Roy Eriksen, University of Agder: Shakespeare, Architecture and the City 
  • Professor Helen Cooper, Cambridge University: Shakespeare and medieval drama 
  • Dr Charles Moseley, Cambridge University: Shakespeare and the Emblem 
  • Dr Marilena Parlati, University of Calabria: Early modern cosmetics 
  • Professor Stuart Sillars, University of Bergen: Painting, allegory and drama