Cellular Networks Group

The focus of CELLNET is to understand interacting networks in normal and diseased cell systems.

Our major interest is the contextual importance of integrated cellular mechanisms regulating phenotypic switches associated with cancer development. We study signaling events and metabolism involved in various phases of tumor development, including tumor growth and metastasis. We use biomedical approaches (pharmacological, nutritional and genetic) to mimic various (patho)physiological contexts and to target specific factors or events, in vitro and in vivo.  The research activities of our groups comprise multidisciplinary approaches employing biochemistry, cell based systems, molecular biology, animal models, and clinical/pharmaceutical collaborations to investigate biomedical mechanisms and clinical relevance.

The Cellular Networks Group consist of three laboratories:


Agnete Engelsen receives mobility stipend

Agnete Engelsen is one of seven young researchers at UiB receiving financial support during the 2016 FRIPRO announcement from the Research Council of Norway.


IBM receives 7 out of 9 grants

The Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry received a total of 9 the Research Council of Norway’s FRMEDBIO grants last week. 7 of them go to researches at the Department of Biomedicine.


Jim Lorens' group wins the faculty award Best Research Group of the Year 2014

Jim Lorens' research group in Tumor Cell Plasticity was June 18th 2015 awarded with the Best Research Group of the Year 2014 by the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, University of Bergen.

Lab Updates

Oct 2016: Congratulations to Fanny on her PhD. All the best in NYC!