Climate Dynamics

The main focus of the climate research at the Geophysical institute is the the role of feedback mechanisms between sea ice, oceans and the atmosphere in natural climate variability, and how these relationships may change with the increasing greenhouse effect.

We also work on improving the understanding of the hydrological cycle and how this may change in a warming climate.


Young scientists

Cold winters natural despite warming climate

When Svetlana Sorokina’s mother calls from Siberia and complains about the cold, Svetlana knows one thing: It has probably been unusually warm in the Arctic


Increase in the number of extremely strong fronts over Europe?

A new research finds an increase of strong and extremely strong fronts in summertime and autumn over Europe. If this is a trend or caused by climate change remains to be seen, according to lead author Sebastian Schemm.

Researchers to watch

Improving climate prediction

What will the earth’s climate be like in the future? Noel Keenlyside works hard to let us know.


Warm ocean current reaches surprisingly far south in the Antarctic Weddell Sea

New observations recently published in Nature Communications show that warm deep water also reaches the large Filchner ice shelf in the southern Weddell Sea.


Expanding Japanese-Norwegian climate research

The NORPAN project gives Norwegian researchers and students the opportunity to visit Japanese and Norwegian institutions.