Research group for Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure

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The group is composed of about 20 researchers who work with substantive criminal law or criminal procedure law, or with related issues of human rights, legal history or jurisprudence. The research group is a forum for scientific debate and development, and for this purpose it organises various research seminars and events. The group also aims to provide a forum for the development of new research projects in criminal law and criminal procedure law.

Media production

Bergen Lecture 2017 with Douglas Husak

Douglas Husak was the main speaker at Bergen Lecture 2017 where his theme was "Conceptual and Normative Issues about Drug Decriminalization". Here you will find both a recording of his speak at Bergen Lecture and an Interview with Husak.

Bergen Lecture 2017

Bergen Lecture 2017

Bergen Lecture 2017 takes place at Bergen Resource Centre for International Development, Thursday 16th of November at 10.30. This year's lecture is given by Professor Douglas N. Husak from the Rutgers University.

Criminal law

Norwegian law in the global arena

The world outside is knocking on Norway’s door. This creates new and challenging issues for legal professionals that will change the legal landscape in the next few years.