Research Group The Future of Russian

Vladimir Plungian to Bergen

The Future of Russian project is happy to welcome Vladimir Plungian (Moscow) to Bergen.

Vladimir Plungian is Professor of Linguistics at Moscow State University and Senior Research Fellow at the Russian Academy of Science. He is a specialist in typology, African linguistics and corpus linguistics and has done field work in Mali and Dagestan, among other places. The author of two books on the African language Dogon (1992, 1995), a monograph on morphology (2000/2003), and a wide range of scholarly and popular articles, he has also edited a number of volumes in the series Issledovaniia po teorii grammatiki (2001-) and is one of the main scholars engaged in the development of the Russian National Corpus.

Vladimir Plungian will give a guest lecture on Tuesday 23 February at 10:15. For details, see the calendar.