Research Group The Future of Russian

Future of Russian course in Passau

FoR partner Dirk Uffelmann offers an interdisciplinary seminar on "The Future of Russian in the Era of New Technology"

Among the many welcome spin-off initiatives of the Future of Russian project (and earlier, the Landslide of the Norm project) are courses related to our topic organized in places other than the University of Bergen. Already in 2007/2008 Dirk Uffelmann offered, in co-operation with Martin Paulsen, a course devoted to “The Landslide of the Norm”, while Lara Ryazanova-Clarke has organized a combined Landslide & Future seminar in Edinburgh.

Now Dirk has launched what promises to be a very exciting, new whole-semester course and invited FoR partners Michael Gorham and Gasan Gusejnov to take part in the teaching. Michael will give a guest lecture on “High Tech and New Tech Nation Rebuilding: Presidential Mediations from Gorbachev to Medvedev” and, in addition, lead two seminar sessions, while Gasan will give a guest lecture on “The New Typology of Literacy: On Language Debates in the Russian Blogosphere”. Dirk will give ten seminars himself.