Research Group The Future of Russian

Daniela Hristova

Active Partner 2008–2010

Daniela S. Hristova was an active partner both of the Landslide of the Norm project and of the Future of Russian group. Our dear friend and colleague passed away on 10 October 2010. She was 48 years old. We will remember with deep gratitude her great enthusiasm, scholarly curiosity and cheerful spirit. 


Daniela S. Hristova was a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. She studied Slavic Philology and Slavic Linguistics at the University of Sofia, Charles University in Prague, Harvard University and received her Ph.D. in Slavic Languages and Literatures from the University of Chicago (2002). She worked as Assistant Professor at the University of Chicago and the College ((2002-2007) and taught History and Structure of Russian at Harvard University (2006). Hristova’s scholarly interests include the study of language change, diachrony and synchrony of East Slavic languages, diachrony of Bulgarian, Medieval Slavic Orthodox culture, post-perestroika linguistic developments in Russian and their sociolinguistic motivations. Her most recent research explored different aspects of Russian anekdoty in light of modern theoretical approaches to humor (with one article published in Russian Language Journal and two forthcoming.) In addition, she was especially interested in the interrelationship between the standard language and non-standard language varieties as manifested on the Russian internet.

Recent publications

Edited book

2006. The Bill Question: Contributions to the Study of Linguistics and Languages in Honor of Bill J. Darden on the Occasion of His Sixty-sixth Birthday, Howard I. Aronson, Donald L. Dyer, Victor A. Friedman, Daniela S. Hristova and Jerrold M. Sadock (eds). Bloomington, IN: Slavica.


Forthcoming. "Negotiating Reality with Anekdoty: Soviet vs. Post-Soviet Humor Lore." Russian Language Journal.

2006. "The Neoreichenbachian Model of Tense Syntax and the Rusian Active Participles." In: Rus' Writ Large: Languages, Histories, Cultures; Essays Presented in Honor of Michael S. Flier on His Sixty-Fifth Birthday, eds. Harvey Goldblatt & Nancy Collman, (=Harvard Ukrainian Studies, vol. 28, nos. 1-4 [2006]) Cambridge, Mass.

2006. "Major Textual Boundary of Linguistic Usage in the Galician-Volhynian Chronicle." Russian History/Histoire Russe 33 (2-3-4): 313-331.

2006. "The Real Nature of the Secondary Predicate in the History of Russian." In: H. Aronson, D. Dyer, V. Friedman, D. Hristova, & J. Sadock, eds. The Bill Question: Contributions to the Study of Linguistics and Languages in Honor of Bill J. Darden on the Occasion of His Sixty-sixth Birthday. Bloomington, IN: Slavica. Pp. 121-137.

2006. "Dative Absolute Revisited: Subject Coreferentiality in Rusian." Die Welt der Slaven 51 (2):275–290.