Study of the seismic source parameters and its relation with other seismic engineering parameters

Student: Quetzalcoatl Rodríguez Pérez

Supervisor: Assoc. Prof. Lars Ottemoller, Prof. Kuvvet Atakan, Assoc. Prof. Mathile Bøtger Sørensen

Funding: CONACYT (Mexico)

The objective is to study the earthquakes sources in Central Mexico, by means of the determination of the source parameters, to analyze the relation between the source parameters with other seismic engineering parameters, as well as to model the asperities and the rupture of the earthquakes. Planned investigation lines are: 1) Asperities and source parameters. 2) Relation between the source parameters and maximum acceleration and/or other seismic engineering parameters. 3) The rupture slip and its influence in the dynamic source parameters. 4) Automatic and manual determination of the dynamic source parameters.

This project is a collaboration project between the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the University of Bergen in Norway. The National Autonomous University of Mexico, through the Geophysics Institute, Engineering Institute and the National Seismological Service, provides the seismic data, and academic support and the University of Bergen, the academic formation of the doctarate studies.