Global health anthropology

What we do

Conduct research on the socio-cultural and political context of health and healthcare

Investigate normative messages and policies and their dynamics in healthcare programmes

Study inequalities in health related to gender and power with relevance to women's sexual and reproductive rights

Carry out our empirical research in collaboration with partner institutions in the South and in the North


SAFEZT: An interdisciplinary research project on fertility control and safe abortion in Ethiopia, Zambia and Tanzania (Norwegian Research Council/NORGLOBAL, 2016-2019)

RISE: Formative qualitative research linked to a cluster randomised controlled trial aimed to increase age at first delivery in Zambia (Norwegian Research Council/GLOBVAC, 2015-2020)


Call for Emerging Voices for Global Health 2018 (EV4GH 2018)

EV4GH coaches “Emerging Voices” to participate actively in international conferences where global health issues are addressed and to raise their voice in scientific and policy debates.


Part 2 of an edutainment drama

Exploring methods of engagement in research on youth sexual and reproductive health


Practicing governance towards equity in health systems

New publication on LMIC perspectives and experience

Annual meeting

SAFEZT Annual Meeting in Zambia 2017

Medical abortion drugs in Tanzania, student’s experiences with seeking abortion in Ethiopia, and sexuality education in Zambian schools were on the agenda for the second annual meeting of the SAFEZT project.

Contact: Leader of the research group Professor Karen Marie Moland