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Global Health Priorities: Ethics • Economics • Policy

Situated at the Department of Global Health and primary Care at the University of Bergen, the GHP research group study the ethics and economics of priority setting in health, and the background and implications of health policies and planning.

Key research topics are: the ethics of decisions at a clinical and population level, local implications of global and national health policies, equity-efficiency trade-offs, and standard and extended health economic evaluations.

May 04

Finse Seminar 2017

The annual Finse Seminar will take place May 4th and 5th.

New publication

Fair priority setting is compatible with the right to health

GHP Professor Ole Frithjof Norheim is co-author on a new Lancet article discussing fair priority setting and the human right to health in relation to universal health coverage.


New ethics center opened in Addis Ababa

On February 28th 2017 the Center for Medical Ethics and Priority Setting (CMEPS) was officially opened by the CEO of the Addis Ababa University College of Health Sciences Dr. Rezene Berhe.

PhD defence

Prevention of cardiovascular disease in Tanzania is cost-effective

Today Frida Ngalesoni defended her highly impressive and important dissertation “Economics of non-communicable diseases prevention. Cost-effectiveness and equity impact of primary prevention of cardiovascular disease in Tanzania.” The research group warmly congratulate!

Policy briefs

Read our condensed and to-the-point summaries of recent scientific publications:

Poor can gain more health life years by the Ethiopian mental health strategy - Kjell A. Johansson et al. 2016

Age, risk, and life expectancy in Norwegian intensive care - Frode Lindemark et al. 2015

Length of life in Ethiopia is increasing, but the longevity is not distributed equally - Eirik Tranvåg et al. 2014

Availability and access in modern obstetric care - Hilde M. Engjom et al. 2014


New publications: