Research Group Language Models and Resources (LaMoRe)

Language Models and Resources

LaMoRe is a scientific research group at the University of Bergen. Its mission is to do research on computational language models and digital language resources. Its scientific basis is in general and formal linguistics, computational and corpus linguistics, psycho- and neurolinguistics.


Central themes for the research group are:

  • Computational models of natural language processing by humans and machines. The LaMoRe research group has expertise in the computational modeling of language understanding, language generation (production) and language acquisition.
  • Construction and use of digital language resources. Language resources of interest to LaMoRe are text and speech corpora annotated at various linguistic levels (including treebanks), electronic dictionaries and lexicons, thesauri and wordnets, termbanks, taggers and grammars.
  • Language technology applications. LaMoRe is involved in R&D aimed at applications such as machine translation, information search and text processing tools.

The research group was established on Nov. 27, 2007 and is part of the linguistics and language studies research community at UiB. Within Bergen, the research group cooperates with Uni Research Computing and the Norwegian School of Economics.  In the context of international cooperative projects, the research group cooperates with a large number of institutions in 34 countries.

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Research across borders

Language resources are becoming more accessible for researchers throughout Europe.