Research Group Latin America: Language, Literature, and Culture

Research Topics

The research projects of the group are defined by the specific research interests of its members, but are all characterized by high quality and impact.


Picture of old books
Ricoleta Library, the oldest library in Peru.

The group members’ research interests and areas of investigation include:

  • Conservatism and literature in Latin America (19th century)
  • Costumbrismo
  • Film and commercial branding
  • Customs, manners, and regional perspectives in Central American narratives
  • The place of women in Latin American society
  • Peruvian female entrepreneurs in the United States
  • Migration
  • Narrative and visual strategies in Latin American documentaries
  • Idiosyncrasies of the hard-boiled crime genre in the Southern Cone: space, language and attitudes
  • History, negotiated memory, and identity processes
  • Musical hybrids in 21st-century Lima
  • Language attitudes in the Spanish-speaking Antilles
  • Linguistic variation in Central America (Belize, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama)
  • Salarrué's works