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New publication: Question-Answer Games

The article "Question-Answer Games" was co-authored by Thomas Ågotnes (Bergen), Johan van Benthem (Amsterdam), Hans van Ditmarsch (Seville) and Stefan Minica (Amsterdam), and published in Journal of Applied Non-Classical Logics 21(3-4):265-288, 2012.

ABSTRACT: We propose strategic games wherein the strategies consist of players asking each other questions and answering those questions. We study simplifications of such games wherein two players simultaneously ask each other a question that the opponent is then obliged to answer. The motivation for our research is to model conversation including the dynamics of questions and answers, to provide new links between game theory and dynamic logics of information, and to exploit the dynamic/strategic structure that, we think, lies implicitly inside epistemic models for epistemic languages, and to make that structure an explicit subject of logical study. Our main contributions are: the notion of a two-person question-answer game with information goals, the existence and computation of equilibria for these games, the correspondence with Bayesian games and their equilibria, and a connection between logic and game theory namely the existence of equilibria for positive goal formulae.