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The Glaciated North Atlantic Margins (GLANAM) ITN ended 31. March 2017. One output of the ITN has been a film showing some of the key results.
The Department of Earth Sciences (GEO) is part of HordaFlom, an innovative project which will analyze lake sediments to reconstruct flooding events during the last 2000 years and which will provide more robust projections of future floods
Researcher Nele Meckler wants to understand climate changes by studying fossil shells.
In the last few winters, the airport in Longyearbyen in Svalbard was often closed because of rain. One of the major issues climate researchers deal with is how precipitation changes as the temperatures are rising all over the Arctic.
Geologist Nele Meckler works on reconstruction of past climate conditions. She has now received a Starting Grant from the European Research Council to build her own research group at the University of Bergen.
In August 2014, students and researchers from Europe and North America moved the lecture hall to Greenland to learn more about climate dynamics.
ICE2ICE Kick-Off Meeting in Copenhagen Accompanied by music and a short promotional movie, the ERC Synergy project ‘ice2ice’ got off to a splendid start September 15 – heading off the Kick-off workshop in Copenhagen September 15–17.
The first joint PhD conference between ResClim and the Climate Research School at the Bolin Centre in Stockholm was held 28–30 September in and around Bergen.
Field update from a changing Arctic: Can the past tell us about the future? To try answering these questions, a UiB-led expedition set off on a lake-coring expedition to the still frozen fringes of Northwest Spitsbergen.
Marcus Landschulze, Department of Earth Science, defended his PhD thesis Tuesday 30.10.2013.
Trond Kvarven, Department of Earth Science, defended his PhD thesis Wednesday 23.10.2013.
In mid-October the first annual workshop in the newly started GLANAM-project was held at Holmavatn, Jæren. The workshop had 35 participants from the co-operating institutions.
Heidi Kjennbakken, Department of Earth Science, defended her PhD thesis Wednesday 29.05.2013.
Nil Irvali defended her PhD thesis Thursday 29. March 2012.
Friday 25. November 2011, Ronghua Wang defended her PhD-thesis at Department of Earth Science, University of Bergen
Maria Blinova defended her thesis for the PhD-degree Friday 18. November 2011.
Audun Libak defended his thesis for the PhD degree Thursday 17. November 2011.