Booking and Prices

Our prices entails sharing a fraction of the real running costs of MIC. Through our online booking system, our users can book instruments and assistance from our staff.

Link to Booking Page

MIC has different prices for use of the various instruments, please consult our price list (under attachments). 

All approved users can book our instruments through the booking page, please download the document "Quick guide to MIC's booking page" (under attachments). Use the following link for the registration:

To become an approved user you must have undergone sufficient training on the respective instrument or prove that you already have the necessary skills. Approval will then be issued by the responsible personnel for each instrument. If you want to add new instruments to your booking profile, you may apply for the approval through the booking system.

We underline that according to our terms of use, the person booking has to be present during operation of the instrument. It is also important that you notify Hege or Endy if your use exceeds the time booked. Booking is the basis for the sharing of costs through user fees.