Nile Basin Research Programme

The Nile Basin Research Programme (NBRP) serves as a framework for research on topics specifically relevant to the Nile Basin. This strategic, multidisciplinary research programme focuses on contested resources, climate dynamics, health, and socio-economic challenges.

The research reflects regional priorities. NBRP targets post doctoral and senior researchers of regional institutions.

BSRS 2016

2016: Water, Climate and Society

Water experts will gather in Bergen from June 13-24 for the international summer school for PhD candidates and junior researchers.

TV series

The Nile Quest

In his new TV documentary, ‘The Nile Quest’, UiB Professor Terje Tvedt takes us on a spectacular journey through the history of the fabled river to today’s looming conflict over the control of the Nile’s precious but limited resource.


Preparing for change along the Nile

Two new development programmes aim to shape policy on water management in Asia and Africa. The projects kicked off early January in Sri Lanka.

New book

Accolades for book on the history of the Nile

Professor Tvedt’s latest book on the Nile has been enthusiastically received by critics, cementing the UiB professor’s position as an outstanding communicator.


High stakes in negotiations in the Nile Basin

On 6 December, the Nile Basin Research Programme organised a seminar to highlight important developments in the ongoing negotiations about the apportionment of the Nile waters.