Operational Psychology Research Group



Associate Professor Sigurd William Hystad, Department of Psychosocial Science


Operational Psychology Research Group
Department of Psychosocial Science
Christiesgt. 12
5015 Bergen

Phone: 55 58 31 90
E-mail: post@psysp.uib.no

The Operational Psychology Research Group has its focus on human factors and effective cooperating in operational teams and organizations, including the defence, police force, and rescue areas. Central issues within Operational Psychology are situational awareness, risk assessment, psychological hardiness, non-technical skills and problem solving under time constraints and uncertainty.

The Operational Psychology Research Group was founded in 2002 and has been developing ideas about effective cooperation in operational teams for more than a decade. Starting with operational teams in extreme situations, the group has developed research methods based on participating observation, behavioural simulations, and experimental studies using biological markers and self-reports. Operational psychology is relevant for all occupations and organisations where problem-solving and interaction take place in complex environments, and where errors can have potentially fatal consequences.

A main focus is on the application of knowledge within the operational units. The research has been distributed in international and national peer reviewed journals, textbooks, and teachings at the university and college level.