Physiotherapy Research Group

Restoring Form and Function of the Abdominal Wall After Pregnancy

Instructor: Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee
June 18-20, 2012
University of Bergen, Norway

It is well known that the abdominal wall plays a key role in how loads are transferred /controlled between the trunk and the extremities during all tasks. Pregnancy and delivery can have a significant, and long lasting, impact on the abdominal wall ultimately affecting both the form and function of the trunk and thus performance across multiple tasks (walking, running, continence, breathing etc). Scars in the skin from C-Section deliveries often connect deep into the fascial layers and viscera and can have an impact on neural mobility through the inguinal canal as well as recruitment and extensibility of the abdominal muscles during various tasks. It is common to see non-optimal muscle synergies after pregnancy and delivery (e.g. absent or delayed activation of transversus abdominis, over-activation, or inappropriate activation, of either internal or external oblique (neural system deficits)) that can perpetuate poor trunk motion/control and prevent the attainment of a woman’ s postpartum goals (to run, jump, exercise etc). In addition, widening of the linea alba and separation of the recti (diastasis rectus abominis - myofascial deficits), while less common, may require surgical correction before training is successful. This course, Restoring form and function of the abdominal wall after pregnancy presents a protocol for assessment and treatment of the abdominal wall based on The Integrated Systems Model (ISM), an approach developed from the collaborative work of Diane Lee and Linda-Joy (LJ) Lee. The ISM, which is fully described in the 4th edition of The Pelvic Girdle (Lee 2011), provides a framework for the clinician to organize knowledge gained from both research and clinical experience. The approach is highly individual (patient-centered) and evidence based (integrates the best available science and clinical expertise), and facilitates clinical reasoning and development of clinical expertise.

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Number of participants: 24

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