Bergen Stress and Sleep Group, BSSG


Ongoing projects


Consequences of simulated shift work on

  • waking behavior, performance and sleep dynamics, in human and rats
  • brain plasticity in rats
  • metabolic changes in rats


Significance of different early life conditions

  • Victims of sexual abuse
  • Short or long maternal separation, or undisturbed maternal presence in rats


Implications of adult mild or traumatic stress exposure inducing affective and somatic disorders

  • sleep disturbances, in humans and rats
  • cortisol levels in humans and corticosterone levels in rats
  • relationships between cortisol and executive functions in depressed patients
  • cortisol and oxytocin in patients with gastrointestinal disorders


Effects of lighting conditions; e-reading before bedtime, short or long photoperiods and types of lighting conditions (white vs. blue light) on

  • alertness
  • sleep dynamics
  • circadian rhythms


Effects of blocking blue light

  • as an add-on treatment of bipolar patients in a manic episode
  • to relieve sleep disturbances in late pregnancy


Reliability of commercial kits to analyze corticosterone in rodents


Rats’ housing conditions - individually ventilated cages vs. conventional cages

  • the effect on stress markers and behaviour
  • individually housed vs. groupe housed


Non-invasive measures of corticosterone and cortisol

  • Hair
  • Feces


Planned projects