Bergen Stress and Sleep Group, BSSG


BASIC RESEARCH AND TRANSLATIONAL RESEARCH is central for the application of ideas, insights and discoveries from basic scientific research to prevention and treatment of disease. The general research perspective of BSSG comprises a bio-psycho-social view on health.


The group consists of a cross-disciplinary team within psychology, physiology, and biomedical laboratory science. They work within the field of physiological psychology with projects that engage in how and when psychological phenomena can be associated with somatic health and somatic disease or symptoms.

The applied methods include use of animal models well-known within international research on relationships between stress and physiological responses.


RESEARCH METHODS                                                                        

The research group has long experience with animal models, mostly rats, and has modern laboratory facilities which meet international standards and demands within animal research. This includes a large range of behavioral testing equipment, equipment for biochemical and histological analyses, neurophysiological laboratory measurements of EEG/EMG, telemetry and extracellular stimulation and recording.



  • Open field
  • Startle response
  • Elevated Plus Maze
  • Telemetry
  • Sleep and circadian rhythms
  • Forced Activity (automated running wheels)
  • Electrophysiology
  • Biochemical parameters
  • Pavlovian and Instrumental Conditioning



  • Clinical interviews
  • Self-reported questionnaires
  • Biochemical parameters (saliva, blood samples).
  • Stress-responsivity tests

The biochemical laboratory at the Faculty of Psychology (UoB) has a central role within the research activity of BSSG



BSSG has valued local, national, and international collaboration within these fields and some are mentioned here: Cognitive Neuroscience Group; The Bergen Group for Treatment Research; Department of Biomedicine; Norwegian Competence Center for Sleep Disorders; Resource Centre on Traumatic Stress, Violence, and Suicide Prevention Region West (RVTS West); Bergen Clinics Foundation; University of Minneapolis; University of Trier;  University of Groningen; University of Berkeley; Washington State University; and University of Copenhagen.