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Professor David Lackland Sam

Sam is a professor of cross-cultural psychology at the University of Bergen, Norway.

Sam obtained a B.Sc (Hons) degree in psychology from the University of Ghana, before migrating to Norway as a student.  He received a PhD in psychology from the University of Bergen, and has been on the faculty since 1992.

Sam has visited and given lectures/seminars at a number of leading universities including Konstanz University, Germany); University of Helsinki (Finland); Claremont Graduate College, (US, California); and the University of Newcastle (Australia), Brandeis University (US, Massachusetts).  Sam was an Associate scholar at ueen’s University, Ontario, (Canada), Fulbright scholar at the California State University (Los Angeles), a Visiting Scholar at the University of Hawaii (Honolulu), and Brandeis University (Boston). 

Sam’s main research interest is in the area of psychology of acculturation, and the role of culture in health and human development. Sam is a Fellow of the International Academy of Intercultural Relations (IAIR), and he was the recipient of the IAIR’s Early Career Award for 2004. He is the European representative of the Executive committee of the International Association of Cross-cultural psychology. Sam co-edited two books on acculturation in 2006, and is currently consulting editor for the International Journal of Intercultural Relations, and the European Journal of Developmental Psychology.

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Book: Acculturation Psychology (2006)

Email: david.sam@psysp.uib.no 

Phone: +47 55 58 32 15