Bergen Summer Research School

BSRS 2018


Please read through these instructions before filling in the application form.


Application on iPad

Check requirements

Before you start your application for admission, please check that you have the required academic background. Only applicants who meet the admission requirements will be considered.

The courses are designed for PhD level and are open to:

  1. Candidates currently enrolled in a PhD programme
  2. Junior researchers — including those in their last stages of their master programme, with extensive working experience, and those who have recently completed their PhD or are enrolled in a post-doc programme.

Check if you are eligible for stipends.

Register application

Register your application at søknadweb. Choose University of Bergen from the list.

Choose “International Applicant” if you are not Norwegian; otherwise choose your “National Identifier and PIN”

Click "Register new applicant" and follow the instructions. Make sure your contact information is correct: address, email, phone number, preferred language, etc. Use your private address, not your university address. Make sure you enter the city code/post code and city.

Click "save" to complete the registration of your personal information. You will be redirected to the login page. Confirmation of your registration and login password will be sent to your email address.

Log on to “søknadsweb” and start the application process.

Pick study programme

Register a new application

Complete "my profile" and click "next".

Choose “new application”. Then click on the Bergen Summer Research School, listed among the other study programmes at the University of Bergen.

Select the course(s) you wish to apply for (max two courses in prioritized order). Your application will be evaluated based on your research and its relevance to the objective of the course of first priority.

Click "save" and you will be directed to the page to upload documents.

Upload the following documents.

  1. Copy of your identity document (e.g. passport/ identity card/ driving license)
  2. Transcript/diploma of the highest achieved degree
  3. A letter of recommendation written and signed by your supervisor (written on official stationary of your institution)
  4. A letter verifying your qualifications and current position, signed by the head of your institution/department (written on official stationary of your institution)

A receipt will be sent to the registered email address. Follow the link in this email to complete the application with your CV and an abstract of your ongoing research.

Register CV and abstract

To complete your application, follow the link in the confiramation email and register the following information. Enter your name and email used when you registered your application. 

Application information

  1. Indicate whether you will attend the course to gain credit
  2. Abstract of your ongoing research / dissertation (maximum 250 words). Please outline main objectives, framework of the research, and method(s)
  3. Motivational letter (maximum 500 words)

Your CV and educational background

  1. Educational background (maximum 500 words)
  2. Work experience (maximum 500 words)
  3. Publications — register up to ten publications, if any
  4. Indicate your English proficiency, as it is the only language of instruction and communication
  5. Your current position
  6. Your highest achieved degree and institution

BSRS 2017 offers a limited number of stipends for PhD candidates (check if you are eligible).

When you complete the form you will receive confirmation by email. If you did not get the email within 24 hours, please contact us at gdc@uib.no

Complete application

Your application is officially complete when:

  1. You have filled in your complete home address
  2. You have selected a course(s)
  3. You have uploaded all the required documents
  4. You have registered your CV, educational background and abstract
  5. You have received confirmation by email

Application status

You can change or update your application until 1 March 2017.

The status of your application will be under consideration on “søknadsweb” until we have finished the processing.